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It is Time to Create Gurara State -Southern Kaduna


The people of Southern Kaduna in Kaduna State have called for the creation of a new Gurara State to create autonomy for the communities of the Southern Kaduna region. This call was made during a special town hall meeting held in Kaduna town earlier in the week. In the meeting, the southern Kaduna elders declared unending support for the restructuring of Nigeria.

The Southern Kaduna elders called the attention of the Federal and State government to the fact that some ethnic groups in Nigeria did not have the population and land mass that the people of Southern Kaduna have now before States were created for them back then.

In his address, Mr. Timothy Gandu, a former commissioner for Economic Planning in Kaduna State questioned the methods by which local governments are created. He pointed out that several regions with large landmark and human population had less councils, while smaller states with less population were given more local governments.

He said “The unity of Nigeria is negotiable because there is no justice and equity. We from Southern Kaduna are not northerners, we are middle-belters and on restructuring we stand. The Hausa and Fulani in Southern Kaduna are our brothers, but if we quarrel and fight, they should not run to Niger republic, Mali or Chad to import Fulani to attack us. If we are brothers, we must stay together and resolve our differences rather than to run away to bring strangers to attack us.

In response to the call, the Deputy Governor of Kaduna state; Arch. Bala Bantex asked his brothers and sisters from Southern Kaduna to abandon the quest for the creation of Gurara State but to instead focus attention on good governance of the current administration. The Deputy Governor further went on to accuse the traditional rulers and retired generals that hailed from the region for misusing the opportunity when they had the chance.

“Let us not be like South and North Sudan where one agitated for and got a country, but since then both parties have not enjoyed peace in the region. There should be no idea of ‘we versus them’ as it would make us enemies to ourselves.” The deputy governor who hails from Southern Kaduna admonished.

The call for the creation of Gurara State has become persistent and stronger over the past few years and the propagators are confident that their request will be granted. However, the power to create states lie solely with the National Assembly and they are yet to release an official statement on the creation of Gurara State.