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APC Supporters Storm Kaduna City To Celebrate Buhari’s Return


The return of President Buhari to the country continues to cause serious celebrations among the indigenes of Kaduna metropolis.

Today, Thousands of APC members stormed the city of Kaduna bearing banners of the All Progressive Congress. Kada News Mag was able to talk to a segment of the jubilant crowd and they said its to celebrate the return of the president. The protesters also wore shirts bearing the inscription “Fatan Alheri” and “Sanu de zuwa, Baba Buhari” which translates to “Welcome, Baba Buhari”.

They were led by several women of the All Progressive Congress as they stayed in several buses and private cars. Some of these members of the ruling party took photos with the members of the crowd that joined their procession.

They were accompanied by Policemen, members of the Civil Defence Corps who were there to ensure that the celebrants did not go out of their way and to protect life and property

The procession was joined by several motorcycles that rode fast and trucks that carried dancers, drummers, mascots, people holding the brooms to signify their support, speakers that played loud music and the occasional chants of “APC”.

The people of Kaduna have been a fervent supporter of the President, on his return after over a 100 days in London on medical vacation it is expected that Kaduna would come out en masse to show support for the “Lion King”.