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Teachers’ Retrenchment; We support el-Rufai -Kaduna Assembly


The Honourable Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly; Alhaji Aminu Shagali has addressed the planned teachers’ retrenchment in Kaduna State by declaring unending support for the Nasir el-Rufai led administration in its strive at improving the quality of education in the primary schools across the state.

The House of Assembly was stormed on Wednesday by members of the Nigerian Labour Congress to protest the plan to terminate the appointments of the 21000 teachers that failed the assessment test. The members of the State House of Assembly have denied some of the allegations brought against them by the members of the NLC about the visit to Lugard Hall on Wednesday. The Congress accused the members of the House of hiring political thugs to beat and harass them as they protested the planned retrenchment by the state government.

Alhaji Shagali said on Saturday that the Executive arm of the state government would receive all the support and help that it needs from the House to ensure that the children of the poor received the quality of education that they are entitled to.

“The sixteen years of PDP administration did not do anything to improve the existing schools. So, what this administration is doing is to improve the quality of education and infrastructure of primary and secondary schools in the state.” Alhaji Shagali said. “The children of most of those making unnecessary comments on the issue are not in public schools. Most of these people have their children in Private schools or studying abroad”, he continued.

The speaker continued by encouraging any of the allegedly qualified teachers with complaints should apply for access to their test scripts or call for a remarking. Alhaji Shagali informed the public that a seven-member committee to investigate the issues raised by labour unions and make suggestions to improve the relationship between the labour congress and the state government. He said, “For the people of Kaduna sate, I want to say that we were sworn in with the two holy books that whereby we said that we would do everything possible to ensure that our state develops, and the educational system improves.”

“We are going to make sure that everything improves in the state not only on education, but all other aspects as well,” he said.