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Teachers Either Make Or Maul Students – By Bina Leviticus

teachers and students
Teacher Helping Pupils Studying At Desks In Classroom
Students and Teachers
Teacher Helping Students Studying At Desks In Classroom

As a young boy, I struggled with Dyscalculia (a problem associated with understanding numbers or mathematics). As a Senior Secondary (SS) student, I used to do well in other subject like economics, government, commerce e.t.c. I struggled with english language too, but I struggled more with mathematics, as I barely scored the pass mark which was 50. This continued till I finished my SS2. My teacher in school made mathematics boring. He painted it like a big mountain before my Zerubbabel. Each time I tried to fall in love with it, my teacher would compound my woe. My strength in other subjects covered up for my lapses in mathematics, though always taken off the pedal of overall best student due to my poor performance in mathematics, for the fact that other students used that as their strength over my weakness.

When I got to SS3, I was enrolled for a coaching class. I met another mathematics teacher who made it simple and learn-able. Mr. Shekwolo Kaura was phenomenal in teaching mathematics. He made me fall in love with it (mathematics) as a subject, beyond my reasoning. In my O’level, no shame I had C6, because my normal grade would have been F9.

In my JAMB coaching class, I met another fantastic mathematics teacher, Mr. Adams Habeeb. He taught mathematics without stress and with simplicity. He gave reasons why as a commercial student I must know it (mathematics). He taught mathematics like economics. Mr. Shekwolo and Mr. Adams made me look like a god in mathematics. As a new in-taken in the tertiary institution, I solved business mathematics like I knew it from the womb; even though there were exceptions like Pythagoras et al, to some extent I tried. I was changed by those two great teachers, who understood that not all students love mathematics, and made it so simple and learn-able.

Though I still struggle with numbers, but not like before. Teachers can either compound the woe of a student or suppress the agony/pain of a student. Some teachers make while some MAUL!