Home News The Sultan blames FG for Killings in Northern Nigeria

The Sultan blames FG for Killings in Northern Nigeria


The Sultan of Sokoto, His Royal Eminence Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad III has pointed an accusing finger at the Federal Government of Nigeria as their failure led to the picking of arms by some of its citizens and the killings of others.

The Sultan who is also the chairman of the Northern Tradition Rulers Council said this in his opening remarks at the general assembly of the council earlier this week in Kaduna. The general assembly had the chairman of the 19 Northern States Traditional Rulers Councils, the representatives of the South-south, South-east and South-west traditional councils chairmen.

In his address, the sultan called for all the present traditional leaders to come up with suggestions that would put an end to incessant killings and put Nigeria back on the path to greatness. He said that the general assembly would address issues affecting the people, issues of good governance at all levels and justice for all mankind.

“As a Fulani leader, I am the leader of the Fulanis in this country and in the sub-region of Western Africa. I live with so many people and I know their problems, and I will never call on any Fulani to pick up arm and kill anybody. I have said it so many times that at so many fora that those people picking arms and killing people are criminals and whoever you are Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba or Fulani, you have no right to take up arms and kill any body,” he said.

The Sultan said “if you see such things happening, then there must be a failure of the federal government. But if the government wake up to their responsibilities some of these things would not happen. As usual, when we come to a close session at this meeting, we will have a communique that we will be sending to our political leaders to see if they would like to implement any of our recommendations”

“As you know, we do not have any power to force anybody to implement anything, as royal fathers, as religious leaders, we can recommend certain things, we can advise because leadership is not a monopoly of one individual group or society. It is the responsibility of all; both the led and the leaders. People must listen to those that are leading so that we all could be on the same page, as we are struggling to build our great country Nigeria where no man is oppressed,” the Sultan said.