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Southern Kaduna Crisis and The Rest of Us

If you live in Kaduna and you are not bothered by what is happening in Southern Kaduna, then you need to seriously wake up.

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Few days ago I was discussing Southern Kaduna (SK) crisis with a friend from the eastern part of the country. He concluded by saying “you cannot comment without been biased on this issue” simply because; 1. I’m Muslim and 2. I am from the northern part of the state. Smiled and said history and life events have taught me more than some so called “SK indigene”. I have read a lot on SK and listened with open mind from both sides of the table. As far as I can tell, This crisis is can be traced back to at least 1987 or even beyond; major incidents were 87, 92, 11, and NOW.

For the record SK is a settlement of both Christians and Muslims alike (majority being Christians). These two have lived together as humans. They have enjoyed relative peace in the area. Some Fulanis don’t even know another place to call home as their ancestors have lived in SK and have transact business together, married from one another, celebrate festivals together, I can conveniently say they are like a big family. Today, its difficult to have a family in SK without having representative from either side. SK have had their problems and have solved them like family matters.

SK have produced fine men and women, people of high intellect and esteem. Gen. Agwai is a revered former army general, Nenadi Usman a former finance minister under the ever conscious OBJ, Haruna Saeed a former governorship aspirant in the state, Prof. Nok of Ahmadu Bello University, Sir Yakowa we miss u dearly, controversial Dr Danfulani and host of other experienced and committed minds. At a time like this, we expect them to be at the fore front and not behind the curtains. It looks to me like they are sitting this out which is not really nice. They should please speak up in the interest of their people and land. They know better, their people know it and respect them for that. Their people listen to them at all times and must not let their children, brothers, sisters…….. be used as tools for this pointless crisis. SPEAK UP!!!

Gen. Agwai and his committee members should let the people of SK and Kaduna in general know the government is only acting on their recommendations and don’t have any ulterior motives. These people been paid are not mercenaries to cleanse SK as reported by some people but victims of the 2011 post election crisis. These people lost loved ones, cows and other valuables. Dr. John Danfulani is educated and can be called to the table although I can’t say such of @yarkafancan.

Another point of note in this whole debacle is, our politics and religion in the country are inseparable and SK is not an exception. We are a people too sensitive to religion and yet not religious. Our decisions are mostly motivated by religion and religious leaders. Its not new in our religious spaces that leaders condemn anything or anyone they don’t align with. This is killing our politics and dragging us back. Churches think they should be in a constant bloody competition with the mosques and vice versa. Its not cool and affecting the little development we enjoy. We need to do better and learn more about togetherness.

An average SK Christian believes he/she must not agree with a Muslim from the northern part on anything even if there are 101 reasons to and so a Muslim dude from the northern part also thinks so or even worse. All these are as a result of evil been preached into our ears, minds and souls. Today, most of us believe PDP is a Christian party or a demonic party that a Muslim should not in anyway associate with. Likewise, any party Buhari belongs to must not be associated with or in anyway supported by a Christian, all thanks to our spiritual leaders and like it or not this has guided and influenced election results and other important decisions ever since.

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SK have always been a PDP strong hold, maybe for the reason above. The crisis today is the hand work of devil’s seeking political relevance and do not want to loose strength. They resort to the strategy of preaching evil to the minds of unsuspecting community members such that they pick arms against each other, burn down houses, killing innocent lives and ultimately creating unrest for everyone.

Advice to you everyone reading this, get used to not stealing to live your lives as the people of Kaduna have seen the light and now know what we have been missing is a more serious and committed leadership. We now know you by your names, faces and we know your agents too. So don’t come begging for votes and support if you have not contribute meaningfully to the development of your region. We will only elect deserving candidates from now on and when the perceived deserving candidate fail in their promises, we won’t hesitate to call them back or vote them out in the next elections.