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Robbers shoot and kill Head of Department in Kaduna


The Head of Department; Computer Science department in Nasarawa State University, Dr. Ibrahim Mailafiya was shot on the Kaduna-Kano express way before he passed away at a hospital just a few days after his appointment as the Head of Department.

Dr. Mailafiya was shot by highway robbers around Tashan Yari along the Zaria-Kano highway. His vehicle was stopped and ransacked before the Head of Department was stripped of his belongings and shot twice. He was rushed to the hospital by innocent bystanders who also contacted his wife to keep her abreast of the situation.

His wife of seventeen years, Zeenat said that she was delighted when she received a text from the deceased informing her that he had just been appointed as the Head of Department in his Department at the Nasarawa State University. He was on his way to rejoice with his family about the milestone when tragedy struck.

She explained that she received a call around ten pm on the day of the incident from an individual who then gave the phone to her husband a few moments after he was shot. She spoke with her husband who said to her “Zeenat, I have just been shot by robbers. I just wanted to say goodbye to you and please take care of my children, I know I will not be able to make it” she discouraged such negative thoughts and asked about his location.

“I assured him that I would be there shortly, and I immediately went to my elder brother’s house to drop off the children. My elder brother followed me on the journey, she said. She also informed news men that she kept on communicating with her husband on the phone until he was taken to the Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital in Zaria.

“When I arrived at the hospital, I saw my husband in a very critical condition and there was no doctor around attending to him. He had an oxygen mask on and drips attached to his body,” she explained. She was informed that the blood transfusion had not commenced because they had been waiting for her arrival, but she had already given instructions that they should carry on with all the procedures that they needed to carry out.

She blamed the death of her husband on the negligence of the hospital staff especially as the doctor on call took his time before extracting a blood sample from her dying husband. “Even when we paid for the blood and it was brought out from the blood bank, it was not transfused because they were waiting for it to defreeze,” she lamented.

The brother of the deceased, Suleiman Mailafiya, who was also at the hospital because Zeenat called him when she was on her way to meet her husband at the hospital in Zaria. He spoke with his brother before he passed on and was able to narrate the robbery and the incidents that followed.

“He told me that there was a checkpoint a few kilometres before the spot where they were attacked. The robbers were six and four of them carried sophisticated guns while two of them had knives, sticks and other weapons,” he said.

“He was a good man, a very good man. He was my big brother and he took care of me right from when I was a child.” He concluded.

The former Head of Department is survived by his two wives, children, siblings and his mother. He set out for Kano after stopping over in Kaduna for a brief meeting with his younger brother. He obtained his doctorate degree from Leeds University in England and was appointed as a lecturer in the Nasarawa state University where he was appointed Head of Department two days before his death.