Home News Poisoned Pregnant Woman and Two Children Killed in Kaura

Poisoned Pregnant Woman and Two Children Killed in Kaura


A family of four including a pregnant mother was poisoned in Kadarko village, Kaura over the weekend. The pregnant woman and the two children died after purging profusely while the father of the house remains in critical condition.

The meal that is presumed to have caused these deaths is the boiled dried kenaff (Rama) leaves that the family had for dinner the night before tragedy struck. The family woke up the next morning and purged so much that they were rushed to a hospital by their well meaning neighbors. It was at the hospital that the mother and children passed away sadly.

The leader of the clan, Mr. Bodam Mallam confirmed the incident and explained that the husband of the woman, an Inspector Peter Dauda of the Nigerian Police Force is still receiving treatment at the Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa hospital in Kafanchan. The members of staff of the Kaura Local Government Health Department are conducting an investigation into the incident.