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PDP Convention: Don’t Undermine Women – Kura


Ahead of the People’s Democratic Party’s National convention (PDP), a senior party chieftain has cautioned party members against undermining female candidates at the PDP Convention.

Alhaji Shehu Kura said this in Kaduna while he was campaigning for the candidacy of Senator Nenadi  Usman for the Party’s National Secretary position.  He advised the leadership and everyone that would be casting votes at the PDP Convention to appreciate the role that women have played in the PDP since the party was formed.

He explained that the upcoming PDP Convention would be the perfect opportunity for the party to show well meaning Nigerians whether or not it had learned from the mistakes that cost it the 2015 elections.  He then appealed to the organizers of this year’s PDP Convention to ensure that democracy is allowed to reign so that Nigerians would be convinced that the party has truly been re branded.

“With the PDP Convention around the corner, we are thinking that the party will demonstrate to Nigerians that it has learnt its lesson. Political infighter is not good. This is what caused the party to lose power in 2015 and that is what the ruling party APC is also facing now,” he explained

He also said that every participant at the PDP Convention must be allowed to vote for his or her own candidate. He said, “we must not impose candidates on the people. Where there is no consensus, the people must be allowed to vote for whomever they want freely,”

Alhaji Kura warned the people trying to tarnish the ambition of Sen. Usman to turn away from such selfish acts. When asked about the case against Sen. Usman by the EFCC, he dismissed the relevance of those cases, “Nenadi has been in court for the past two years and the court is yet to pass any judgement on the matter,” he said.

“This is a woman who has been a commissioner, minister, and won a senatorial election in her constituency on the platform of the PDP. What we are pleading is that the PDP should set a record as the first political party in Nigeria to make a woman its National Secretary”

“Why do you limit a woman to the position of women leader and the youth to the position of youth leader when they are qualified for other positions?” He concluded