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Some Nigerians Want Buhari Incapacitated – Arewa Consultative Forum

ACF chairman and president

The chairman; Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF; Alhaji Ibrahim Coomaise has said that several Nigerians want President Buhari incapacitated and out of office because of his war against corruption. He claims that some of the leaders are afraid of the anti-corruption war that the Buhari-led administration is fighting.

The Arewa Chief believes that some former Ministers, Governors and serving chiefs of the Nigerian judiciary have already understood what it feels like to be at the receiving end of President Buhari’s crusade on corruption. He further stated that the people who are affected by the crusade are those that want the President incapacitated.

According to him, the President wanted to fight two things actively when he took the oath of office in May 2015 and these are the insecurity in the North-Eastern region of the country and the corruption that had eaten deep in the government of the country and its ranks.

“There is nobody that has not been touched by his anti-corruption posture; everybody has tasted Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade in this country. Unfortunately, not all of his efforts have been seen in a good light because they say ‘when you fight corruption, corruption fights you back’. This fight back of corruption is what is happening to the President. The enemies of this country, greedy and selfish people are the enemies of change and they are too many and much too strong. They want to incapacitate Buhari and this is the reason why things keep going back to square one”.

Alhaji Ibrahim Coomise then called for more support for the President by saying that “Buhari, if given the chance will perform a miracle. He has the qualities of leadership. When he was in school, he was a very quiet and serious person. He knew what he wanted and he even then, he wanted the best for the school, his community, and the country”, he concluded.