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Nigeria Power Generation Hits 5,155MW

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Power Generation and Electricity Supply through the national grid on December 8, 2017, reached an all-time high of 5,255 megawatts, surpassing the earlier figure of 5,074 megawatts. Mr. Babatunde Fashola said this on Monday at the 22nd stakeholders meeting for operators in the Power sector “the figure was a major milestone in the Federal Governments journey of incremental power Generation.

He Said, “I am happy to report that last month, reports and feedback confirmed that we had surpassed not only our peak of grid supply during the rains, but we have also surpassed Nigeria’s highest ever peak grid supply“.

As of Tuesday 5th of December 2017, the peak supply reached 5,019MW, which was below the 5,074MW we achieved in January 2016. However, on Friday, 8th December 2017,grid-supplied power peaked at an all-time high of 5,155MW, over the January 2016 figure of 5,074MW“.

The Minister added, “It is a major milestone in our journey of incremental power and if we keep our feet on the ground and we remain focused and unexcited, we will improve on it, and hopefully get to the second leg of our journey, which is steady power.

Mr. Fashola said that the fact that Nigeria could produce over 7,000 megawatts and put 5,000 megawatts on the grid means that the country has 2,000 megawatts unused power left despite the high demand for electricity.

Mr. Fashola, however, told operators in the sector that Nigerians expected more and that there was still a lot of work ahead.