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Kaduna to Replace Incompetent Teachers


The Executive Council of Kaduna state has directed that the recruiting of 25,000 teachers should commence as soon as possible to replace the teachers that failed the recently conducted primary four exam. The Council approved the outcome of the competency test and have released the names of the teachers that passed the examination. The list was released by the Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board and they urged anybody dissatisfied with the results to lodge an official complaint with the board.

The SUBEB released a statement which said that only those teachers that passed the test are the ones competent and qualified to provide quality education for the benefit of the pupils. The Executive Chairman of the SUBEB; Mr. Nasiru Umar said that the board had set up a committee to deal with all complaints filed by any individual that has doubts over the results of the test. He also informed news men that the recruitment process to replace these teachers was already underway and he stressed that there was no political undertone to the process and encouraged the teachers that failed the previous test to apply and go through the recruitment process. The notice calling for the application for a teaching role in Kaduna state has informed that all applicants must have all relevant educational requirements including the certificate from the Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria.

“33,000 primary school teachers sat for the competency tests agreed upon by all stakeholders including the Nigerian union of teachers (NUT). 21,780 scored below 75%. We conducted the test because we went around and discovered that the schools were in bad shape, some teachers couldn’t even speak English. We started training them but discovered that no amount of training would improve them, Mr. Nasiru said.

“We released the names of those who scored 75 and above. Three months’ notice will be given to those who failed the competency test for disengagement. All teachers including the ones who failed the test should go back to duty and await further directives. Those who are above five years will be retired but those below five years will be disengaged. Those who failed can still apply in the ongoing fresh recruitment.”

“We would not bring politics into education. We presented the results to the committee involving the NUT, Teachers’ council of Nigeria among others. The NUT wanted the cut off to be 60 so all the stakeholders were involved in the competency of the tests. We have the test scripts and we can go through them gain if we need to. This has nothing to do with politics and witch hunting. No more sharing of appointments of teachers among the officials. This time around, government is determined to employ competent teachers as part of efforts to revive education in Kaduna state,” he concluded.