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Kaduna Power Plant to be investigated by the Senate

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The Kaduna Power plant has failed to generate electricity for a considerable period of time which led to the senate appointing a Joint Committee in June, 2017 to investigate the failures of the 215-Megawatt Power Plant. The Nigerian Senate has thus informed the general public that the on site assessment of the plant would commence on the 4th of December 2017.

The co-chairman of the Senate Joint committee on Power, Steel , Development, Metallurgy and Gas; Sen. Bassey Akpan said that the on site assessment was one of the first stages of the investigation of the alleged discrepancies in the execution of contracts at the plant and the lack of electricity generated from the Kaduna Power Plant.

“We are going to begin an on-the-spot assessment of the plant on Monday and we will also be visiting every other gas-producing facility across the country next week. The revelations we have are quite disheartening. By the time we are done and we publish our final reports, it would be a major eye opener,” Sen. Akpan said.

The committee would be investigating all the power plants located all over Nigeria. The committee has also stated that they would like to interrogate the minister for power, Barr. Babatunde Raji Fashola to give his testimony in front of the committee. He said, “The minister will definitely appear before us because he is not bigger than the senate. We will give another date by the time we are done with the site visits. If we must move forward as a country, we must do the right thing.”

The Joint committee suspended the commissioning of the Kaduna Power plant of 215-Megawatt over inconsistencies in contract execution, their dissatisfaction over the reasons given by the Permanent Secretary,  Ministry of Power  on the switch from gas-powered plant to a diesel-powered plant.