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Kadpoly Hostels are not Conducive for Learning -Rector



Professor Idris M. Bugaje, the newly appointed Rector of Kaduna Polytechnic (KADPOLY) has declared the Kadpoly Hostels as inconducive and unfit to be the living quarters in any academic institution. He took over as rector from Dr. Catherine Eveh Uloko and he started his tenure by taking a tour and general assessment of the institution.

The Rector who took over the helm of affairs at the Polytechnic last month granted an interview with news men where he revealed that the Polytechnic was backwards and was not even in competition with its counterparts in other parts of the country. He lamented that the polytechnic was in a very disappointing position not only in infrastructure but in its finances as well.

Professor Bugaje has declared that his administration will take the infrastructural development of the school as one of the priorities and he has requested help from the Kaduna State Government so that the institution can be at a level that everybody can be proud of. He assured that the infrastructural development would improve the standard of living in the school and make life and studying more comfortable for the students and this would lead to academic excellence which is the priority of every individual in the institution.

He said “the infrastructures are not only dilapidated but completely decayed. When I visited the hostels some days ago, I couldn’t believe what I saw, it was worse than a war zone. I couldn’t understand how that kind of place can be conducive for learning.” He lamented bitterly.

“However, we are trying our best to involve the government. We are also involving other state stakeholders to revive the institution and see how to move the academic affairs forward. As it stands, only 20 percent of our courses are fully accredited. There is still a lot of work to be done because 80 percent of our courses must be accredited.” He said.