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Jeremiah Gyang Experience to Promote Peaceful Coexistence


Jeremiah Gyang; the Jos based northern Nigerian gospel singer has revealed in a press conference that he would be in Kaduna for a live musical concert tagged “Jeremiah Gyang Experience”

The singer who released the hit single a Na Ba Ka and an album with the same name in the year 2004 has stated that this tour that will cover all of Northern Nigeria is in response to countless demands made by numerous fans of his work. The gospel musician started playing guitar and piano before the age of ten and he has gone on to become a musician, songwriter, instrumentalist and a music producer. This tour is also a means to preach peace and unity throughout the northern region and the country as a whole.

He says “there is a moral decadence in the country, some which are exhibited through several agitations and hate speeches. Because morality has become a major issue of concern, all hands must be on deck to check it through engaging in any activity that will change the narrative such as music and others.

The live concert is scheduled to hold on Sunday 27th August 2017 at the Afrinet Bluebreeze Center, Ungwa Maigero, Narayi, Kaduna.

Gyang is not the only artist expected to perform at the event as the name may suggest as several other artists are expected to perform alongside him.