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Storm Damage; Effects, Repairs and Prevention

KEPA has warned that storm damages and flooding may occur in some parts of Kaduna due to the high frequency of rainfall. Repairs of storm damages should be handled as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of damages

storm damage in Kaduna

Storms can cause serious damage to your property, storm damage businesses can repair any damage caused by storms. These businesses usually have experienced staff on hand to help storm victims clean up and repair their properties quickly and efficiently.

KEPA has warned that storm damages and flooding may occur in some parts of Kaduna due to the high frequency of rainfall. Repairs of storm damages should be handled as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of increased damage.  The services rendered by Storm Damage businesses range from replacing broken windows to advising on which house insurance plan to buy.

These businesses are normally available round the clock s that they can attend to your needs at all hours. They provide cleanup, repairs and restoration for all types of storm damage including;

  • Lightning strikes
  • Thunderstorms
  • High wind damage
  • Hail and Ice storms
  • Freezing weather
  • Hurricanes and Tornadoes
How to minimize storm damages to your home

Storm damages may cause a lot of serious damage to your building and these may lead to death. The possible damages to your home may extend to the roofing and foundation. Storm damages may cause power outage, leaking and flooding throughout your home. If you live in an area that is prone to story winds, tornadoes and hurricanes, here are some ways that you can prevent or minimize damage to your home during a storm:

  • Make sure that you put storm shutters across the windows in your home be it temporarily or permanently
  • Install heavy-duty bolts on the door to your home
  • Ensure that impact-resistant glass is used for all windows, panes and doors.
  • Repair all dents and replace all missing shingles in your roof to prevent leaking and flooding
  • Reinforce all doors at their weakest points, particularly roller shutters and garage doors.
What to do when your home has experiences storm damage

Many victims of storm damage begin to worry about minimizing the damages to the house. You may even begin to try to repair the house, this is wrong. Do not do this. The first thing to do after a storm is to remain safe. Do not attempt to make any repairs by yourself so that accidents do not occur. Once safety is assured, the next steps to take include;

  • Informing your insurance company as soon as possible. This is important so that the company can settle your insurance claims accurately as soon as possible.
  • Call a storm damage company to help you repair the damages done and prevent further damage to your home. The company would begin to make simple and necessary repairs immediately to protect the integrity of the home and prevent further damage.

Some of the property damages caused storms include flooding, shattered glass from glass doors, Skylights, and window panes. Some external damages may occur. In many cases, there are uprooted trees and debris that may collide with the walls of your home causing more physical damage.

Storm damage businesses provide a variety of repair and restoration services including drying of your damaged property, structural repair, roof tile replacement, and damaged siding replacement. They are trained to conduct an inspection of your property before they any repair work is done. This would allow a proper plan for restoration to be drawn up because dealing with the aftermath of a storm and the damage it caused can be stressful and overwhelming.

The repair and restoration of storm damage by storm damage businesses

The company appears on the site as soon as they can after the request call comes in. they will inspect your property, repair the damage, clean and sanitize your property. Another inspection is done after all repairs have been made. Every storm damage business is concerned about safety so the company ensures that all safety requirements would be met. Some of the services that these businesses offer include:

  • Emergency Board up: This is the temporary adjustments made to your home after storm damage. It protects the life of the inhabitants of the home making it possible to remain inside while other reconstruction processes are carried out. The emergency board up also protects the remaining properties in your home and the house itself. This is usually the first thing done when the occupants of a house cannot pack to another location.
  • Structural Stabilization: the structure of your home becomes vulnerable to damage after a storm. The storm business damage immediately finds a way to protect the structure and prevent it from further damage or collapse.
  • Roof Taping: tiles and roofing sheets are used to plug holes in your roofs after storm damage. Leaking is prevented and there is minimal risk of flooding.
  • Water Extraction and Drying: One of the first problems that arise after a storm is the absence of clean and potable water. Storm damage businesses are equipped to provide a source of water by drilling boreholes or wells. They also carry relief materials to provide immediate comfort to victims of storm damage. Industrial dryers are also provided so that you can protect properties and the house from mould.

These companies can also provide complete reconstruction and renovation services after performing the immediate necessary steps to protect your life and property.

Use storm damage businesses to your advantage whenever the need arise

These companies are committed to offering a wide range of best services for storm damage cleanup. They are designed to provide these services in residential and commercial areas of your city. In cases of emergencies, they provide prompt response, arriving with first aid materials and health packs. They handle all aspect of storm damage cleanup from inspection to the completed repairs of your property.

The storm damage businesses also ensure that your home or business property passes all other safety inspections that it might face. It is very important that a proper inspection, cleanup and repairs are done to your home after a storm. Ensure that you contact a storm damage company with good reputation. Get local client references before you fall victim to storm chasing contractors. If your home is in need of expert repair and cleanup services after suffering damages from a storm, call a storm damage business near you.