Home News Buhari To Work From Home Due To Rodent Damage To His Office

Buhari To Work From Home Due To Rodent Damage To His Office

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The media adviser to the Nigerian President, Mr. Garba Shehu has informed news correspondent that the Nigerian President who just returned from London would work from his residence because of damages to his office.

Garba Shehu, while speaking to news correspondents said that Rats destroyed the furniture, air conditioning fittings, and other materials in the office of the President and serious restoration must be done in order to return the office to a suitable working environment.

Prior to his journey out of the country, President Buhari worked from home holding sensitive meetings and had several important files transferred to his home office that raised some eyebrows. It was alleged then that his state of health was the reason for this working conditions and he was not fit to undergo the everyday stress of going to his office. The health of the president has been a major concern as it had been alleged during his campaign that he was suffering from prostate cancer.

Mr. Shehu stressed that this new development would not reduce the workload of the president in any way and that the work that the country needed would be done. “These are also general works and it is not uncommon for Nigerian Presidents to work from the Presidential villa. What is important is that the work gets done. Whether he does it from his bedroom, his anteroom or his sitting room, it does not matter. Let the job be done and it will be done” he concluded.

He, however, could not give a specific date that the refurbishment would be concluded and thus could not tell when the president would be working from his office.