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Ban All Tobacco Adverts Absolutely – Doctors


The Epidemiological Society of Nigeria (EPISON) has released a communiqué at the end of the 6th annual scientific conference and general meeting of the society. The communiqué calls for an absolute ban on the adverts of tobacco and the sponsorship of sports.

The communiqué signed by the chairman of the society; Prof. A. I. Zoakah and the secretary; Dr. Matthew Ashikeni respectively observed the high rate of tobacco use, drug abuse, alcohol consumption, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle of the lifestyle of Nigerians, especially the youth, can lead to a drastic increase in non-communicable diseases.

The federal government was charged to increase budgetary allocation to the health sector to meet the 15% Abuja declaration of 2001 and ensure the timely and complete release of budgeted funds by the society. The statement released also urges the Federal government to adequately fund researchers that will address the health challenges in the epidemiological transition.

“We urge all tiers of government to strengthen the surveillance system through provision of infrastructure and continuous training of the manpower who work in the surveillance system”. The statement read.