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APC Stakeholders against Indirect Primaries

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The Kaduna APC Stakeholders Aspirants Forum has kicked against the adoption of the indirect primaries by the Kaduna State chapter of the APC to elect the governorship and other candidates for elective offices in Kaduna State.

Mr. Jalal Falal, a governorship aspirant under the APC spoke to members of the press at a press conference yesterday in Kaduna. He said that he was speaking on behalf of the other aspirants when he asks the members of the Kaduna APC stakeholders to be like President Buhari who is in complete support of direct primaries. The Kaduna APC Stakeholders Aspirants Forum urged the executive governor of Kaduna, Malam Nasir El-Rufai to follow President Buhari’s example if he was a true Buhari disciple.

“We object to the indirect primaries because it is prone to manipulation and vote-buying. We urge our governor to be on the same page with the incorruptible Buhari on this,” Mr. Jalal Falal said. The gubernatorial aspirant is a former special assistant to Governor Nasir El-Rufai, he addressed the Nigeria Union of Journalists at the Union’s secretariat as a spokesman for the Kaduna APC Stakeholder Aspirants Forum.

As we speak, the outcome of the so-called congresses is still being contested in the courts. Given these deep rifts in the party, our forum fails to see how indirect primaries can produce candidates with mass-based support. If APC wants to retain Kaduna State, it must throw up for the election of strong candidates for her gubernatorial and legislative elections but with indirect, this critical issue is unlikely to be the principal concern of delegates,” Jalal said.

The indirect primaries method was adopted by the Kaduna State chapter of the APC, the decision was announced by AVM Emmanuel Jakada who also communicated the decision to the party headquarters to the discontent of some of the aspirants. Senator Shehu Sani representing the Kaduna Central senatorial district and other aspirants wrote a letter to the APC headquarters in Abuja requesting that direct primaries be used to select candidates in Kaduna State.