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Aloe & Ivy Children’s initiative Childrens Day Party

It was all smiles and fun on Sunday the 27th as the Children came out in their numbers joined by their parents to celebrate Children’s Day organized by the Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative at the Taimako Human Development Foundation School;

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It was all smiles and fun on Sunday the 27th as Children came out in their numbers joined by their parents to celebrate Children’s Day organized by The Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative at The Taimako Human Development Foundation School; This year’s children’s day celebration focused on the right of a child to play and have fun in a safe environment.

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The Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative is a registered nonprofit organization based in Kaduna, the organization is committed to improving the quality of life of and contributing to the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of underprivileged children in our society through play and recreational activities.

Play is an essential ingredient in the optimal development of a child especially in the early stages of their lives when they learn by playing. The organization has however observed that this essential ingredient is lacking in most communities due to the absence of safe areas for children to play. The reduction in safe areas for play is largely due to neighborhood violence, war, child labor, and exploitation. They also observed that the few recreational spaces and safe play areas available are only accessible to the privileged upper and middle class in the society making it a luxury.

This is why The Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative has set out to design and construct safe, inclusive playgrounds and free recreational facilities in underprivileged and rural communities around the country.

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The event started with a speech by the Principal of Taimako Human Development Foundation School, she encouraged the parents to bring their children to playgrounds so as to enable them to develop emotionally, physically and socially. She also thanked the organizers of the event and sang great praise about the organization, encouraging more nonprofits to follow in the footsteps of the Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative.

The Founder & Executive director of The Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative, Miss Tamar Nandul gave a brief Lecture on the importance of apologies, the lecture was an interactive session aimed at teaching the Children how to manage conflict productively. She shared examples of when and how to give make apologies and some of the students also shared their own understanding of when and how they would apologize when they have wrong or hurt their fellow students.

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After the interactive session, it was all fun and play as the children were dressed in their nylon suits to prevent them from getting their uniforms dirty, and they proceeded to begin the painting session. Excitement and joy filled the playground as the children began to paint, you could see on the faces of the kids that this was what they had been waiting for all along. The fun and excitement spilled over to the parents as they joined their children in the painting session.

Kada News Magazine spoke with The Founder/Executive Director Miss Tamar Nandul and here is what she had to say;

Why did you choose to do what you do?

Miss Tamar: “I chose to do this because I think that looking back on my childhood and when I was little, a lot of good memories I had was when I was playing around. Play gives children that confidence boost and a sense of inclusion”.

“And when I moved to Kaduna I saw some statistics that showed that a lot of kids are out of school and I know that play is a way for them to learn certain things outside the traditional set up of school. Play helps Children build healthy bodies, learn to interact with their peers and also get a sense of accomplishment.”

Where else would you take this to?

Miss Tamar: “Anywhere and everywhere, we are going to be commissioning our first playground shortly, we are doing an obstacle course for the kids and we hope to have two done this year. They will both be located in Kaduna State.”

“From next year we will start to branch out to other Northern states, with a strategic plan to touch all geo-political zones in five years.”


How best can we help to get children off the streets?

Miss Tamar: “ Honestly that’s another reason why I decided on Play, The Kaduna State Government has a law against hawking and child begging but when it comes down to it how do you actually implement that when you take the children off the street what are they going to be doing”.

“So one of the ways is for government to develop green spaces where kids can go and play and make these places conducive enough for their parents to want to take them there and not leave them on the street begging for money. The government should also engage in urban planning for recreation. We have aligned ourselves with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 11 which aims to increase the number of green, public spaces for children and adults.”

Finally, what message do you have for Parents and Kids on this Year’s Children’s Day?

Miss Tamar: “My message to all parents is to ensure that they allow their children play, it’s a way for them to develop socially, physically and emotionally.”

At the end of the event, the kids went home with lots of gift items, some of the parents we spoke to were very excited and promised to allow their children come to the playground more often. They also thanked and appreciated the Aloe & Ivy Children’s Initiative for giving them the opportunity to spend playtime with their kids on Children’s Day.

You can find more information about Aloe & Ivy Children Initiative bellow

Website: www.aloeandivy.org

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