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Airtel Nigeria launches Unlimited Data Plan


Airtel Nigeria has joined the list of network providers such as Smile and Spectranet in Nigeria that allows their subscribers have access to Unlimited Internet. This is a great feat as Airtel Nigeria covers a large area of Nigeria including several remote locations that most other networks do not reach.

The Unlimited data plans are in three categories named Unlimited 10, Unlimited 15 and Unlimited 20 and they go for 10000, 15000 and 20000 for a month respectively.

The three plans are all Unlimited which begs the question of the difference between the three plans. The network then explained that under the Fair Usage Policy, the throttle speed of the Internet service drops after a certain amount of megabytes has been utilized by the customer.

So for the Unlimited 10, the speed drops to 256kbps after 40 GB has been used. The Unlimited 15 drops speed after 65 GB and the Unlimited 20 drops after 100 GB has been exhausted. Each plan is valid for a month only.

Upon the purchase of the Unlimited 20 at any Airtel showroom or a designated Airtel outlet, a free MiFi device is given to the customer. Although the subscription can be purchased via the Internet at www.onetouch.ng with the debit card. Current Airtel users do not need to purchase a new sim as it is valid for all numbers currently in use.

Airtel unlimited data plans are specifically designed for heavy data consuming activities like downloading, streaming media online and sharing data with co-workers, friends, and family.