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100 Years Celebration will restore Kaduna’s Glory – KDSG


Kaduna City is finalizing the 100 Years’ celebration activity plans and the Kaduna State Government has said that the 100 years celebration would restore the old glory that the ancient city has lost.

The Secretary to the Kaduna State Government, Malam Balarabe Abbas Lawal made this known to the newsmen. Malam Lawal who is also the chairman of the 100 Years Celebration organizing committee reminisced the calmer days when all inhabitants of Kaduna lived together with peace and harmony. He expressed his desire that the 100 years celebration of the state would unite all its citizens even more.

“As you are aware, Lord Frederick Lugard established Kaduna in 1917 as the capital of the Northern Protectorate to replace Zungeru. The City was planned carefully and it quickly became a magnet for all Nigerians, not least the diverse people of the vast areas that constitute the north of Nigeria,” Malam Lawal stated.

“The names and streets across Kaduna city testify to the diverse origins of the people that made Kaduna home. Unfortunately, many tragedies including violent conflicts, political and religious disturbances  destroyed ties that bound diverse communities,” he concluded.

The state has seen all sorts of activities to embrace the culture and promote the tourism sector of Kaduna state at 100 years. Such events which include the Kaduna Invest (KadInvest) 2017, Kaduna Festival (KadFest) 2017 and the Kaduna Creativity and Entrepreneurship Summit (KASCAEF) 2017. These events were categorized as “Pre-centenary Celebrations to mark Kaduna at 100”

Also, the State government used every opportunity it had to host the rest of Nigeria to remind them of the rich culture, resources and amazing people that inhabit Kaduna State. Kaduna hosted several sporting tournaments and launched several empowerment programs to reduce unemployment and increase entrepreneurship among the youth.

Malam Abbas Lawal echoes the belief of the executive government that the 100 years celebration would allow the people of Kaduna to live in peace and harmony.